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Colonsay Pigs Paradise Blonde (1x 50cl)

This refreshing, session blonde beer is inspired by a remote location on the island of Colonsay. Pigs Paradise is where the island’s pokers gathered above the crashing seas for shelter from the storms and to feast of Atlantic wildflowers.

Thistly Cross Cider Strawberry 500ml bottle (1x 50cl)

A premium fruit cider that has all the bittersweet natural flavours of soft fruit: fresh, hand pressed strawberries with a little zing from the apples. So many strawberries packed into one glass! A Cider flavoured with distinction.

Colonsay 80/ (1x 50cl)

This classic dark scots ale is a dark beer to rival them all. Slight savoury notes come through from the peaty water and salty air, however the dark roasted barley, chocolate malt character is unmistakable.

Eden.Mill Brewery Seggie Porter 5.2% (1x 33cl)

Has layers of flavours with roasted, coffee, liquorice and hints of chocolate in evidence. The Seggie Brewers’ signature beer dating back to the 17th Century.It includes a blend of pale, chocolate, black and Munich malt along with roasted barley and something more unusual nowadays - brown malt, sourced from maltsters who have been malting the traditional way since 1879. The spent grains from the brewing process are sent back to Seggie Farm to feed the livestock. The Brewery calls it “returning the empties”.This exciting porter gives a toasty, coffee, burnt, bittersweet aroma. It’s amazingly well balanced and smooth.

Fallen Brewery Chew Chew (1x 50cl)

A sweet, briney, chewy trouble maker, brewed with dark belgian candi syrup, lactose and Hebridean sea salt. Try it alongside a nip of your favourite lightly peated whisky.

Fyne Ales Fynebank (1x 33cl)

A collaboration beer with Springbank Distillery. A golden beer with a slight peat aroma, nice mellow peat taste and very drinkable.

Keith Brewery Larger Keith (1x 33cl)

A Big Flavoured LagerA crisp, refreshing, golden lager brewed from malted barley, yeast and other things that get master brewers really excited. But as you’re probably not one of them, we’ll shut up. And fill the rest of the label with this sentence.

Thistly Cross Cider Original Sparkling 500ml bottle (1x 50cl)

Scotland’s Original Cider is made with a blend of Scottish Heritage apples. It is a refreshing, lightly sparkling cider with a slow fermentation and long maturation to give a smooth complexion. Light and fruity to taste, more complex flavours develop.
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