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Angelo Veglio Barolo 2014 (1x75cl)

A very serviceable Barolo at a great price!

A family history rooted in the territory and in the tradition of grape processing, which in the La Morra winery it is reflected in the quality of the wines on offer: renowned labels, such as Barbera, Fresia, Barolo, accompanied by the production of Chardonnay and Nebbiolo grapes, paying particular attention to the use of modern agricultural techniques and limiting the use of additives to a minimum. The winery and headquarters of the company are located in the Langhe, Piedmontese land that has always been home to a tricolor oenology celebrated all over the world, in the farmhouse that was bought, almost two centuries ago, by the founder of the family, grandfather Francesco. From wholesale and retail marketing to the organization of promotional initiatives and tastings, everything is managed by family entrepreneurs who have been passionate about their profession for generations.

It was 1886 when Francesco, the forefather of the Veglio family, bought the first nucleus of the current La Morra winery, an ancient farmhouse surrounded by vineyards that once belonged to the Opera Pia and the parish benefit, in which wine production was already a tradition rooted and respected. Here, in the Langhe, a long time land of production of standard-bearer Made in Italy quality wines, such as Barolo, Barbera and Fresia, the winery still stands today, two centuries later. A structure renewed in appearance and management, but which still retains attention for the traditional methods of cultivation, harvesting and production of wine.

This wine stems from the municipality of La Morra within Barolo from a Guyot-trained plots of 3.2 hectares, facing S, SW and SE on calcareous soils.

The freshly picked, selected grapes are transported to the cellar for rapidly destemming and soft pressing, before being sent to the thermo-conditioned barrels for fermentation. This occurs at a controlled temperature between 25-27°C for some 8-12 days, during which periodic replacements are made in order to extract the color and necesary polyphenols contained in the grape skins. When all the sugar has turned into alcohol, the wine is drawn off and poured into the same thermo-conditioned barrels at a temperature of about 20 °C, thereby allowing the spontaneous start of the malolactic fermentation.

Ageing takes place in old oak barrels (typical for Barolo) of various sizes, from 20 to 60hl for at least the Barolo minimum period of two years.

100% Nebbiolo.

Ruby red color with orange reflections. Intense ethereal and pleasant bouquet with floral, fruity and spicy and oak notes. Full, elegant and characteristically 'austere' on the palate with good body and soft, enveloping tannins.

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: Italy
Region: Piedmont
Grape Variety: Nebbiolo
Product Code: ITPI0154B14S