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Chereau Carre Muscadet Sevre et Maine Cuvee des Ducs 2013 (1x 75cl)

Chéreau-Carré is one of the leading Muscadet producers with substantial family owned vineyards in some of the best locations in the region. Their vineyard area totals 135 hectares of the highest quality soil, making them one of the largest producers of Muscadet. The wide variety of terroirs available within the estate enables Bernard Chéreau to offer a comprehensive selection of styles including those bottled sur lie where the wine is drawn straight off the lees prior to bottling, resulting in a wine with more weight and complexity.

The family have a reputation for producing outstanding wines packed with classic Muscadet character: dry, crisp and fresh with a fresh bite of lemon and just a hint of richness from the sur lie ageing.

The Chéreau family are no Johnny-Come-Lately’s to the Muscadet business; they can trace their history in the Muscadet area all the way back to 1412. However, the business only really took off after the Second World War with the purchase of more vineyards and the Chateau de Chasseloir property which still houses the cellars. 

100% Melon Blanc (Melon de Bourgogne). This Muscadet is, as virtually all Muscadets are, a fully dry white wine with refreshingly high acidity. It is bottled on the 1st December following the harvest to keep its freshness and youth. 

The Chéreau-Carré wines are classic Muscadets; dry and light with a fresh bite of lemon and just a hint of richness from the sur lie (lees contact) ageing. It is a very light and dry style of wine, with aromas and flavours of apples and lemons. Light yellow colour. Very fresh on the nose.

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Grape Variety: Melon De Bourgogne
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Product Code: FRLV0253B13S