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Christmas ordering at Exel Wines

Christmas is closing in, and we want to make sure we get your wines to you safely in time for when you finally put down the Sellotape and scissors.

You’ll also probably realise that, for around two-thirds of our selection of wines, we need to order these in and that there is a lead time in our getting them here and thus to you. In some cases, these lead times are quite considerable, and so Christmas deadlines are quite pressing.

That is, if ordering for Christmas arrival, please note the following:

• For wines marked as “usually ships in 10-15 days”, please order these by noon on Monday 10th December;

• For wines marked as “usually ships in 5-10 days”, please order these by noon on Monday 17th December; and

• For wines marked “x in stock for next-working-day delivery when ordered by 12pm”, we can supply those wines (up to quantity x!) immediately for as long as they last; orders for these wines should be with us by noon on Thursday 20th December;

Thanks for bearing with us!