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Contero Moscato Dasti Di Strevi Docg 2017 (1x 75cl)

Formerly owned by the Lombardini family (proprietors of La Giustiniana in Gavi), Contero is now owned by the Marenco family, who are Moscato and Brachetto specialists in Strevi. This 11 hectare estate remains one of the best producers of invigoratingly delicious Moscato d'Asti and Brachetto d'Acqui. The ripest and best Moscato grapes are used for Moscato d'Asti rather than Asti.

The Val Contero vineyards are situated in a perfect amphitheatre in Strevi, the heart of one of the best zones for Moscato in Piemonte. The vineyards are superbly tended and produce fruit of stunning quality. The vines are Guyot trained with 4,500 vines planted per hectare. They are planted on steep tufaceous-marl hills with sandstone layers. The grapes are hand harvested into wooden boxes in mid September.

2017 was an extraordinary year. Winter and the beginning of spring were warm, which prompted an early bud break. In early April, overnight temperatures dropped below zero and frost damaged the vines in the colder valleys. Spring and summer were hot and dry. Despite the weather, grapes matured well and maintained a good level of acidity. Harvest was two weeks earlier than normal, Contero's Moscato was picked in the third week of August.

The grapes were gently pressed and fermented at low temperatures to maximise the fragrance. During fermentation the must was filtered several times. The wine was drawn from the vat with an alcohol content of 5.5%, then stabilised before being bottled under pressure to maintain a slight sparkle.

This Moscato d'Asti is delicately sparkling, with a lovely perfume of freshly crushed grapes and sherbet. The palate has a perfect balance of soft, sweet fruit, a hint of Turkish delight and lively, fresh acidity.

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: Italy
Region: Piemonte Barbaresco
Grape Variety: Moscato
Vegan: Yes
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Product Code: ITPI0123B17S