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Craigellachie 17 years old (1x 70cl)

Water comes direct to the distillery piped fromunderground springs beneath the neighbouring BlueHill Quarry. Owners Dewar''s insist that only Scottishbarley is used for their whiskies and for Craigellachiethe barley is dried using an oil heater which addssulphur notes to the grain giving the whisky some of itsunique character. Water, malt and yeast is added to thewashback and fermented for two and a half days(approx 60 hours). Distillation takes place in copper potstills, the spirit vapour passes through spiral worm tubcondensers cooled by constant running water. Very fewScottish distilleries still use these but their contributionto the character to the spirits is highly valued atCraigellachie. The new spirit comes out of the still atapproximately 63% abv, it is then transferred to usedbarrels and hogsheads for long maturation before it isbottled at 46% abv.Tasting Note:Strong punchy flavours of sweet malt, orchard fruit andspice with toasty notes and the distinctive lingeringgunsmoke/sulphur character so typical of the distillery.

Bottle Size: 70cl
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