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Maison Louis Latour Pouilly-Vinzelles En Paradis 2016 (1x75cl)

Over time, Maison Louis Latour has set an ideal of perfection in their winemaking. For two centuries, over 100 appellations have been crafted with the greatest of care each year, to reveal all their complexity. Although equipped with the most modern tools and equipment, the winemaking methods remain simple and traditional. The Louis Latour style is an auspicious combination of the richness of nature and the skill of man's labour. They respect the natural rhythm of the vines and make wines that are in harmony with nature. This is done with the aim of offering full expression to the elegance and the balance of the great terroirs of Burgundy.

Respect for terroir is one of the fundamental values of Maison Louis Latour, who have practised reasoned agriculture for almost 20 years. Understanding and interpreting the geological complexity of each parcel is indispensable, and it is for this reason that we regularly undertake soil analysis of entire slices of earth in order to study the interaction between the terroir and our wines.

To see Maison Louis Latour's excellent fiche technique for this wine, please click the blue link below.

Maison Louis Latour Pouilly-Vinzelles "En Paradis" 2016 - fiche technique

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: France
Region: Burgundy
Grape Variety: Chardonnay
Delivery: Usually ships in 5-10 working days
Product Code: FRBG0592B16S