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Domaine Nicolas Reau Anjou Blanc Clos des Treilles 2015 (1x 75cl)

Nicolas Réau’s love of wine started when he was 8 years old and his grandfather was sneaking him small glasses of red wine while his grandmother had her back turned. Young Nicolas went on to train to be a professional pianist and didn’t consider wine as a potential career path. He thought it was impossible to become a producer if you do not come from a vigneron family. However in 1994, Nicolas saw an advertisement in the school newspaper about a professional degree in viticulture and oenology and he decided to step away from his piano to finally begin an adventure in wine.

Nicolas practices Biodynamics but doesn’t seek the certification. Instead his philosophy is to be guided by conscientious farming so as to produce wines that are clean, distinct and honest. To this end, Réau uses intuition to identify the 2 to 3 day window where the fruit shows phenolic maturity but still has a low potential alcohol. This window is identifiable when the fruit demonstrates the most harmony on the palate, a sensation that is almost impossible to find in vineyards manipulated by chemicals and industrial processes according to Réau. He believes that if you let the climate and vines guide the work in the vineyard, the energy of the fruit will carry through to the finished wine as long as the winemaker refrains from similar interventions in the cellar. With slight variations in ripeness of the individual berries at harvest, Réau’s wines carry a natural acidity, freshness, and personality that cannot be reproduced by any other means.

The Chenin Blanc vines used to produce Clos des Treilles are planted on clay soil with flint and limestone. This wine is 100% Chenin Blanc.

The grapes are harvested by hand and only wild yeasts are used to make this wine. The temperature is not controlled and takes place at an ambient temperature. Malolactic fermentation is then allowed to occur. The wine is left to mature in old oak barrels for 12 months. There is no fining or filtration of the wine with a minimal amount of sulphur added at bottling. 

This wine has abundent characterisitics of minerality, backed up by lots of fruity flavours.

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Grape Variety: Chenin Blanc
Delivery: Not Available
Product Code: FRLV0085B15S