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Italy - traditional method

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Deltetto (Millesimato) Alta Langa Brut 2016 (1x75cl)


Click here for our video tasting of this Decanter review-topper! and also our article on Alta Langa DOCG wines and the Decanter review below... 

Awarded 95 points and Outstanding status by Decanter ( in their July 2020 edition panel tasting of traditional-method Italian sparklings (see blue link below). There is a difference in price between what appears there and our actual price - we have been able to bring this to the market more cheaply then we expected!


Deltetto (Millesimato) Alta Langa Brut 2016 - July 2020 Decanter review

When Antonio Deltetto took over from his father in his early twenties in 1977, he was fresh from university and full of new winemaking ideas that his father's meticulous cultivation of traditional varieties allowed him to develop. This spirit of innovation has stayed with him and he has passed this on to his children Carlo, Cristina and Claudia, who now all work for the estate. The estate covers 21 hectares of vineyard in the Roero, the gently hilly region on the northern bank of the Tanaro. The soil is sandier in this area and, as a result, the wines are more aromatic and less structured than those from the Langhe hills on the south bank.

This Classic Method Spumante was born in 1981 from Signor Deltetto’s passion for sparkling wines, experimenting with indigenous varieties: Arneis and Nebbiolo. In 1997, for the first time, Pinot Nero and Chardonnay were planted and, in 2000, the first Metodo Classico made with international varieties was released. From this passion for bubbles, in 2016 the first Alta Langa DOCG wine was born.

For qualification for the Alta Langa DOCG, vineyards must be located in the area of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo, over 250m above sea level and on the hills (ie valley, damp and flat land is forbidden). The Deltetto vineyards are located in Roddino, a small town on the borders of the south-western Langa.

Deltetto lay claim to two vineyards facing north and west. One part is already in production and the other will go into production over the coming years. The former is located at the entrance of Roddino, overlooking the castle of Serralunga d’Alba. The other vineyard is located at the exit of Roddino, an area towards higher altitudes. The exposure of both is ideally sunny without reaching high temperatures, ensuring perfectly-ripening clusters, acidity, freshness and characteristic aromas.

Soil is marly, calcareous-clay, with moderate fertility.

Organic production, see here for more details.

The 2016 vintage is the first Deltetto Alta Langa Brut. Forthcoming are a Blanc de Blancs (100% Chardonnay) and a Blanc de Noirs (100% Pinot Noir).

The harvest is made  by hand in the second half of August. Primary fermentation of the base wine is conducted at 18° C in stainless steel. Secondary, in-bottle fermentation is conducted at 12° C.

Tirage/lees ageing in-bottle for at least 30 months to promote complexity and flavour development. Riddling/remuage by gyropalette. Disgorged in January 2020.

55% Pinot Noir (Pinot Nero), 45% Chardonnay. 

Dosage = 2.5g/litre (ie effectively Extra Brut).

Straw yellow pale colour with a fine, lasting finish with an intense bouquet of bread crust and brioche; dry, sapid and well-balanced.

ABV = 12.5%. 


Ferrari Perle Bianco Riserva 2010 (1x75cl)


The not-yet-into-the-UK 2011 vintage was awarded 91 points and Highly Recommended status by Decanter ( in their July 2020 edition panel tasting of traditional-method Italian sparklings (see blue link below) - the price stated in the review is very incorrect (in a good way!)

Ferrari Perle Bianco Riserva 2011 - July 2020 Decanter review

The 2009 vintage was awarded 91 points and Highly Recommended status by Decanter ( in their September 2019 edition panel tasting of global Blanc de Blancs sparklings (see blue link below).

Ferrari Perle Bianco Riserva 2009 - September 2019 Decanter review

The legend of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari, and his dream of creating a wine in Trentino capable of competing with the best French Champagnes. He was a pioneer; it was he who was the first to realize the extraordinary vocation of his area, and it was he who first made substantial plantings of Chardonnay in Italy. The third generation of Marcello, Matteo, Camilla and Alessandro now lead the company with the aim of combining innovation and tradition, taking Ferrari around the world. Ferrari’s quality is the result of lots of small, daily procedures. Their wines are created in mountainside vineyards, in the finest areas of Trentino and perfected in the winery using the mandatory techniques for making Trentodoc wines.

With its mountain viticulture, Trentino is an area that is extraordinarily suited to the production of sparkling wines of great elegance and complexity: the alternation of warm days and cool nights gives added quality to the grapes, giving them a rainbow of different flavours and fragrances. It is thanks to the intuition of Giulio Ferrari that this area represents today the largest vineyard zone planted with Chardonnay in Italy; a lovely garden of vines, guarded like a treasure by the mountains that surround it.

To see an excellent information sheet and tasting note for this wine which has been written by the team at Ferrari, please click on the blue link below.

Ferrari Perle Bianco Riserva - fiche technique

100% Chardonnay.

The fine, persistent perlage swirls amidst it golden highlights. The highly complex bouquet reveals notes of candied citron, quince jam and floral sensations, giving way to intriguing nuances of iodine and spicy bread. Freshness and tanginess meld in perfect harmony with the refined mellowness deriving from its long maturation on the lees. A magnificently long finish, offering hints of white pepper and dried apricots.

ABV = 12.5%.


Riserva del Fondatore Giulio Ferrari 2007 (1 x 75cl)


Awarded 92 points and Highly Recommended status by Decanter ( in their July 2020 edition panel tasting of traditional-method Italian sparklings (see blue link below).

Riserva del Fondatore Giulio Ferrari 2007 - July 2020 Decanter review

The 2006 vintage was awarded a very rare 98 points by Decanter ( in their February 2018 edition review of Italian Icon Wines (see blue link below).

Ferrari Giulio 2006 - Feb 2018 Decanter review

Inspired by the example of Champagne and informed by his winemaking studies in Montpellier, Giulio Ferrari’s vision for the products which bear his name was unstinting: to make the finest Metodo Classico sparkling wines in Italy. A bold pledge in 1902, but to this day, the wines of Ferrari remain true to their original creator, persisting through the arrival of the Lunelli family as owners of the business in 1952. It’s an approach that has now persisted through two more generations. This consistent philosophy has turned Giulio’s dream into reality, with Ferrari today acknowledged as the finest sparkling wine producer in the country.

The iconic Italian sparkling wine par excellence, Giulio Ferrari is an outstanding product that is designed to stand the test of time. It is a Trentodoc obtained from the finest Chardonnay grapes from the Lunelli family’s own vineyards on the slopes of the mountainsides that surround Trento, at up to 600 meters above sea level. It matures on its lees for over 10 years, acquiring great complexity but, at the same time, maintaining balance, freshness and elegance.  It has obtained extremely high ratings in the most authoritative trade magazines, including 98/100 from Decanter and 96/100 from the Wine Advocate. Giulio Ferrari is also the only sparkler that has been selected by Wine Spectator as one of Italy’s top 10 wines (for its Best of Italy Tasting at the Wine Experience) and it has been selected by Wine Enthusiast for its Top 100 Wine Cellar Selection.

The winter offered very mild temperatures and very little rainfall which, in the spring, resulted in a precocious start to the vegetative cycle; this later translated itself into the harvest also beginning significantly early. The excellent balance between leaves and fruit and the fact that the bunches were fairly loosely-packed meant that the vines remained very healthy. The weather during August was rather cool and punctuated by several thunderstorms, thus contributing towards maintaining good acidity levels and an extremely interesting development of aromas in the grapes.

For this wine, see the blue link below for thefiche technique/technical note from the winemakers themselves.

Riserva del Fondatore Giulio Ferrari 2007 - fiche technique

100% Chardonnay.

It presents itself in the glass with a glowing golden hue, highlighted by extremely fine, persistent bubbles. The bouquet displays an incredible succession of sensations that continue to alternate, ranging from citrus zest to creamy eggnog, from mango to sugared almonds, and from acacia blossom to freshly baked brioche, all underpinned by an enticing hint of iodine. The entry on the palate is sumptuous in its unbridled elegance and light in its incredibly concentrated fruitiness, which offers reminiscences of ripe pineapple, dried fruits and toasted hazelnuts. The finish is very refined, revealing lingering brackish notes that give even greater length to the aftertaste.

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