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Kayra Narince 2017 (1x75cl)

The 2016 vintage was awarded 90 points and Highly Recommended status by Decanter in their June 2019 feature, Weekday Wines (see blue link below).

Kayra Narince 2016 - June 2019 Decanter review

Kayra produces premium wines from the Anatolia region -considered to be the birthplace of wine- and is at the cutting edge of winemaking. The wines are made from unique local varieties as well as international ones. These ancient indigenous varieties are being vinified using modern techniques and are producing awardwinning results. The vines are planted in the best sites; and the vineyards and wineries have been significantly invested in. The Elaziğ winery, located in Eastern Anatolia, was established in 1942 and is dedicated entirely to the production of red wines. The Şarköy Winery in Thrace was built in 1996 and embraces a cellar for 1,200 barrels, reserved for the ageing of special cuvées. Under the guidance of consultant winemaker Daniel O'Donnell, it is Kayra's aim to reveal the true potential of Turkey and to bring their rich history and generous spirit to lovers of fine wine.

The Narince variety - pronounced "Na-rin-ja"- is an ancient, indigenous variety to Turkey and is grown in the Tokat region. The soils in the vineyard are gravelly, stony and alluvial with a high lime content, which help to impart a good level of refreshing acidity to the final wine. The climate in Tokat is mild and moderate due to its location between the Mid Black Sea and Central Antolia.

Fermented in 100% stainless steel vats in order to preserve the naturally occurring acidity of the Narince variety, along with the delicate aromas of this stunning variety. The maturation also took place in stainless steel retaining the purity of the fruit aromas.

Narince 100%.

Cool evenings give a mineral focus to a fresh, fruity wine with aromas of Asian pear, quince, chamomile and grapefruit. Pairs beautifully with spicy cuisine and fresh seafood. Also try with creamy pasta dishes, grilled chicken, Caesar salad and shellfish.

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: Turkey
Region: Anatolia
Grape Variety: Narince
Product Code: TUAN0001B17S