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Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut Non Vintage (1x 75cl)

In 1889, in a contrarian move against current fashion, Laurent-Perrier launched its sugar-free Grand Vin sans Sucre, which was more attuned to its own preferences and those of its British customers. This forerunner of today’s zero-dosage wines remained on the menu of the legendary Jules Verne restaurant at the Eiffel Tower until 1913. Inspired by the original success of the Grand Vin sans Sucre, Bernard de Nonancourt launched Ultra Brut Laurent-Perrier in 1981, a champagne like no other, with an understated style, skilfully combining simple sincerity and outstanding finesse. Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut rapidly found an echo in the light, refined Nouvelle Cuisine then in vogue.

When it launched Ultra Brut in 1981, Laurent-Perrier innovated by using a blue and silver livery for the packaging for the very first time, paving the way for a new category of champagnes. The quality of the wine and its instantly recognisable label definitively established Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut as the benchmark and flagship of this new category of Brut Nature wines which it pioneered. According to current legislation, Brut nature/zero-dosage champagnes must meet two imperative criteria, namely less than 3g of residual sugar per litre and no addition of sugar syrup after bottle fermentation.

Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut is made using one or two reserve wines, from a complementary year. The grapes from 15 crus are used in its composition. The bunches of grapes are rigorously selected to ensure that only grapes with high sugar levels and low acidity are retained. These conditions are necessary to create a finished champagne that has the required balance without any dosage. 

The blend, specially created by the Cellar Master in his constant quest for the absolute, allows the purity of the grape to express itself in all its dazzling glory. This champagne, made to the most exacting blending specifications, calls for a very special type of wine-making expertise to achieve the looked-for balance with no dosage. The balance obtained without acidity is magnified by a minimum six years cellar-ageing. Upstanding, pure, subtle: Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut retains a suave, natural expression, underpinned by an enduring freshness.

A very pale and crystal-bright in colour. Intense and complex on the nose with a wide range of aromas, including fruits (citrus and white fruit), flowers (honeysuckle) and iodine notes, which give off an impression of freshness. This airy and delicate wine of a surprising length is characterized by high purity of taste, a long and non-saturating finish.

Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut pairs perfectly with seafood, sushi and a white fish ceviche as well as a young parmesan or a pata negra ham.

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: France
Region: Champagne
Grape Variety: Chardonnay | Pinot Noir
Delivery: Usually ships in 5-10 working days
Product Code: FRCH0147BNVS