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Chateau Musar Jeune White 2018 (1x75cl)

The wines of Chateau Musar are unique expressions from a country with an ancient wine-making culture, as vines have been cultivated in Lebanon's high altitude Bekaa Valley for over 6000 years. In 1930, at just 20 years old, Gaston Hochar founded Chateau Musar, inspired by Lebanon’s winemaking tradition and his travels in Bordeaux. Musar Jeune White is an unoaked blend of Viognier, Vermentino, Chardonnay from youthful Bekaa Valley vines. Crisp and aromatic, this eclectic blend of French and Sicilian varieties has its own distinct personality – passionfruit, apples, elderflowers – and a dry, refreshing finish.

This wine is made using ⅓ Vermentino, ⅓ Viognier and ⅓ Chardonnay.

To see Chateau Musar's excellent tasting note and information on this wine, please click the blue link below.

Château Musar Jeune White 2017 - fiche technique


Chateau Ksara Blanc de Blancs 2018 (1x75cl)

Château Ksara is Lebanon's oldest winery. Its traditions can be traced back to 1857 when a group of Jesuit monks acquired the property. The Jesuits applied their knowledge of science and agriculture to plant French vines as well as developing two kilometres of Roman caves that proved ideal for the storage of wine. The Jesuits sold the winery to its current owners in 1973. Ksara is now the most modern winery in the region as well as the largest producer in the country. Their annual production is over 2.8 million bottles and they sell their wines in more than 40 countries worldwide. Château Ksara is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 2200.00 for its viticulture, production and sales guaranteeing quality and consistency year on year.

Ksara's vineyards are located in the central and western Bekaa Valley at an average altitude of 1,000 metres. The Bekaa enjoys dry summers and has the advantage of its own natural water table, courtesy of the melting snow that runs off the Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountain ranges, therefore no irrigation is needed in the vineyards. The slopes on either side of the valley and the valley itself, create a unique microclimate in which the cool nights compensate for the hot summer days. Vines are either double Guyot or cordon trained and their grapes can be considered to be grown organically because of the very limited used of sulphur-based pesticides. The soils are stony with chalk, clay or a limestone base. Harvesting is manual and the standard yield of the vineyards is between 40 and 45 hectolitres per hectare.

Sharp changes in diurnal temperatures were registered during the ripening period, which increased the period between véraison and the harvest to over 120 days.

Picked in cases and pressed pneumatically as whole grapes. Each variety was vinified separately, with the sedimentation and fermentation carried out at low, controlled temperatures of approximately 18°C. Once the wines had fermented through to dryness, they were racked off and stabilised to prevent malolactic fermentation. Each wine was aged in French barriques for several months, prior to blending, stabilising and bottling.

Sauvignon Blanc 55%, Semillon 25%, Chardonnay 20%.

Waxy Semillon aromas enhanced by the herbal and mineral freshness of Sauvignon Blanc and creaminess of Chardonnay combine in a crisp wine full of apple and lemon zestiness. The Chardonnay gives this wine its finesse and elegance, the Sauvignon its subtle aroma of hazelnuts and exotic fruits, and the Semillon provides roundness, length and finesse. The result is an elegant wine with complex aromas of spice, pineapple and nutty notes which follow through onto the palate.

ABV = 13.0%.

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