Muscadet ‘Origine du Haut Bourg’ 2006 (1x75cl)

Awarded 95 points and a rare Outstanding status by Decanter ( in their June 2017 edition review of extended lees-aged Muscadet (see blue link below).


Origine du Haut Bourg, Muscadet 2006  - June 2017 Decanter review


Think Muscadet? Think thin, bland, nondescript, green and acidic? Think again…!


This is – absolutely - no normal Muscadet.  The Haut Bourg has seen a quality of winemaking seldom seen in the Nantais, one more typical of the winemakers of Burgundy’s Cote de Beaune.


Although made from Muscadet’s usual Melon de Bourgogne, there all similarities with everyday Muscadet cease. The grapes stem from old vines – a staggering 70 years in age – but the true standout feature is the ten years (yes, ten) that it spends on its fine lees (finer yeast deposits) after fermentation (with battonage) before bottling. Hence, lest you be confused, the 2006 vintage – this only went into glass in July 2016. The body, depth and finish of the wine are substantial, it has a strong autolytic appeal and the acidity and bite are well and appealingly ‘tamed’, yet the wine retains the inherent freshness of a Muscadet. It has a rich gold colour, while the fruit flavours are more tropical (ripe pineapple) and stone (apricot) than Muscadet’s usual green apple/citrus and there is an attractive mineral tang. The lees time creates a very stable wine, and this will comfortably keep five years (and develop further flavour) before drinking.

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: France
Region: Loire Valley
Grape Variety: Melon de Bourgogne
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This is quite some Champagne and remarkable for the price. The varietal mix is equal thirds of the classic trio of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Grapes are grown only on vineyards of Premier Cru villages (you'd easily clear £30 a bottle for this privilege normally) on the Coteaux de Cumières and Hautvillers in the Marne Valley, yielding great intensity and concentration.


One expects exhilarating acidity and and citrus zing in almost any Champagne - this does these in spades - but what makes it really stand out are both the ripeness of fruit flavours and the delicate florality of the nose. Pierre Bertrand see that fruitiness as “damson and pear” while we at Exel thought more “peach and nectarine”; either way, this is one seriously fruity mouthful. Florally, the makers go with “hawthorn flower” and we are not botanically inclined to disagree. At 7g/l of dosage/residual sugar, this is a drier Brut, but the fruit ripeness adds an exciting extra sensation of sweetness. Finally, Pierre Bertrand are rightly proud of their mousse onctueuse – smooth mousse – and we concur: it makes for a truly delicious Champagne experience.


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