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Pampero Blanco Rum - Venezuela (1x 70cl)

Back in 1938, two friends with a passion for making rum decided to go their own way. Using oak barrels to pioneer a new ageing process, their rums took on such depth and smooth complexity, that even the government were convinced and changed the very laws of rum-making to enhance its quality. The benchmark for future generations was set, and Venezuelan rum was redefined forever.

Locally grown sugar cane reaches the distillery within 24 hours, ensuring the flavour and sugar content of their molasses remain of the highest quality. Their Amazonian location gives them an excellent source of natural mineral water, which is critical to the final quality of the rum. Unlike many distilleries, Pampero continues to use three different distillation processes for a purer, higher quality rum. After its initial distillation, the alcohol can be made 'lighter' or 'heavier' by undergoing its second and third distillations in a column, kettle, or pot still. Venezuela's high humidity, high temperatures, and nightly temperature drops provide intensive ageing conditions all year round, leading to a maturation rate approximately three times greater than that of scotch or cognac.

There’s more to Pampero Blanco than meets the eye. A good white rum should be fresh, clean, easy to mix and easy to drink. Blanco is all of these, but it’s also an aged rum, made from a blend of traditional white rum aged for up to 4 years. 

Unlike most white rums which are distilled in column stills, the heavier rums of the Blanco blend are distilled in traditional copper pot stills, like those used for Scotch Whisky. Ex-whisky white oak casks lend Blanco its fruity notes and originally a golden colour, which is later removed through charcoal filtering. It is a Light, creamy and simple rum with flavours of blackcurrant, candy floss, green apple, banana, toffee and vanilla.

Bottle Size: 70cl
Country: Venezuela
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