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Planeta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2018 (1x50cl)

In Planeta’s early years, expertise came from a surprising source: Australia. The winemaker brought in by Diego Planeta was an Italian – Carlo Corino – but one who had soaked in the latest warm-climate winemaking secrets during a stint in New South Wales. Ever since, Planeta has managed to captured the intrinsic perfume and fresh flavours of Sicily’s grapes in their wines.  The island estate pursued an unconventional approach to winemaking, with Planeta establishing a cult following for its barrel-aged Chardonnay, at a time when most other Italian whites were typically consumed straight out of the fermenter. This early success gave Planeta the credibility it needed to open the world’s eyes to the charms of Sicily’s indigenous grape varieties, ushering in a broad range of wines that today owes as much to Grecanico and Nero d’Avola as it does to the winery’s signature Chardonnay.

Extra-virgin olive oil is (along with wine) Planeta's great family passion. The large olive grove at Capparrina, near Menfi, relates the history of the company's love for this product, together with that of their commitment to safeguarding the countryside and nature. The oldest maps of Ulmo show that half a century ago olives were cultivated on Planeta land, in one of the areas best known for the production of olive oil. The family has always been linked to this product, which so forcefully represents Sicily and the Mediterranean. At Capparrina, Planeta planted their olive grove to ensure that the coast at Menfi would remain free of buildings for ever, placing once more the protection of the countryside above the interests of family and business. Today, Planeta tend 98 hectares of olives which descend the hill towards the white beach of Porto Palo of Menfi, in a context of great biodiversity where rare examples of flora and fauna co-exist.

See blue link below for the excellent fiche technique/technical note from the wine (and oil) makers at Planeta.

Planeta Extra Virgin Olive Oil - fiche technique

Bottle Size: 50cl
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Product Code: ITSI0271B18S