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Planeta La Segreta Rosso 2015 (1x75cl)

Planeta tells a story of wine, olive oil and hospitality with one common denominator – the love of Sicily. Brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren, all with an unquenchable wish to do, to change, to innovate and to rediscover traditions. In 1995 there was one vineyard, one winery, the first wines and many dreams. After twenty years there are six wineries in as many areas of heavenly Sicily producing different wines, all DOC which are examples of six extraordinary territories. A journey which never finishes and which will continue with the next generation.

La Segreta takes its name from the woods which surround Planeta's Ulmo vineyard. This young fresh wine principally produced from Nero d’Avola grapes, flagship of Sicilian wine, gains its personality and style with the addition of some international grapes. All the vines are knowledgeably cultivated in vineyards owned by Planeta. La Segreta is a versatile companion for daily drinking, suitable for many different occasions. It is a perfect approach to Sicilian wine with its excellent relationship between price and quality, guaranteed by Planeta’s careful input from vine to wine.

The grapes are destalked before the must spends 7-14 days lying on the skins at a temperature of 25⁰C After racking the wine is matured in stainless steel. It is bottled in March the year after the harvest. 

This is a fine, intense and transparent ruby red coloured wine. From the eyes to the nose the colour transforms into aromas of currants and mulberries with a measured and tenuous minty finish. From the aromas to the taste, in the mouth the wine shows its essential character being so drinkable prompted by vibrant sensations of ripe wild fruits which present a thirst quenching juiciness. The tannins are very gentle, yeasty and smooth giving this red wine a very versatile character. 

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Grape Variety: Nero d’Avola | Merlot | Syrah | Cabernet Franc
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Product Code: ITSI0011B15S