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Botter Prosecco Santi Nello NV (1x 75cl)

Pale light yellow colour, with fine perlage. Delicately fruity, slightly aromatic bouquet. Well balanced and light bodied - harmonic palate.


Botter Prosecco Spumante Non Vintage (1x 75cl)

This Prosecco is one of our best sellers and the reason is easy to see – it’s both great and great value. It’s crisp without being too dry, is pale in colour and has delicate yet complex flavours with fruity notes that remind of peaches, green apples and flowers. Wonderfully fresh and light.


Ca` Morlin Prosecco Frizzante DOC Treviso NV (1x75cl)

This wine is sealed under stelvin to protect against random oxidation and cork taint. It is fresh, soft, scented and grapey, with delicious lightness and good length.  


Fiol Prosecco Extra Dry NV (1x 75cl)

Pale lemon colour with a typical bouquet reminiscent of wisteria flowers, acacia and also mature crab apple. Fresh, lively and appealing with slightly sweeter notes on the palate. This inviting Prosecco is the ideal sparkling wine to bring bubbles to your

Follador Prosecco Treviso Spago NV (1x 75cl)

Intense straw yellow in colour and lively, fine elegant bubbles. It is an explosion of fresh and velvety fragrances, a successful blend of several scents among which green apple, peach, apricot and finally acacia and roses. It has an excellent structure with a perfect blend of freshness and savouriness.


Ruggeri Prosecco Brut Quartese DOC (VSQPRD) NV (1x 75cl)

Streaked with a persistent perlage of minute bubbles, this is an elegant wine with an appley bouquet on a floral background and a dry, fresh palate with good length and a pleasantly fruity finish.

Ruggeri Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Giallo Oro Doc NV (1x75cl)

Very delicate with hints of golden apples and acacia flowers. The off-dry palate is fresh and light with an extremely smooth and well-balanced, fruity finish.


Ruggeri Prosecco Frizzante Spago Treviso Doc NV (1x 75cl)

A pale straw yellow colour with greenish reflections and has a delicate perlage, its fruity aromas carry through to the palate, which is fresh and slightly sweet with a moderate alcoholic volume.

Santa Margherita Prosecco Di Valdobbiadene Brut D.O.C.G NV (1x 75cl)

A brilliant pale colour with fine perlage, this is a very clean, fresh sparkling wine. The aromas of green apple and peach blossom are complemented by a soft gentle texture with a crisp finish.

Terre Sant' Alberto Valdese Prosecco Brut Non Vintage (1x75cl)

A classic Prosecco with a fine mousse and a fresh green pear character. Soft and pillowy on the palate with a lingering finish.


Bisol Jeio Prosecco Valdobbiadene Brut NV (1x 75cl)

Notes of pear and apple blossom with delicate bubbles. A magnificent drop of fizz... and huge thirst quenching ability.

Botter Asolo Conegliano Prosecco Superiore Non Vintage (1x 75cl)

Straw shade of yellow reflecting springs rays of sunshine and the flavour is harmoniously balanced with delicate fruity notes, a low acidity and a moderate alcohol content. Prosecco should be consumed when still young to fully appreciate the sparkle (perlage), fragrance and flavour.

Botter Prosecco Asolo DOCG NV (1x 75cl)

Harmonious balance of flavour with delicate fruity notes, low acidity and a moderate alcohol. The Asolo Prosecco is from the Asolo Montello hills of Veneto. A real alternative to Valdobbiadene.


Cantina Colli Euganei `Rialto` Prosecco Frizzante DOC Non Vintage (1x 75cl)

Pale yellow in colour. A light, fresh wine that has a nicely-balanced structure, lightly floral aromas and attractive fruit flavours. Perfect as an aperitif.

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