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Reduced shipping rates to Europe - October 2018

One unavoidable aspect of what we do is shipping (and the cost thereof). Alas, there's nobody we can find that moves heavy cases of wine hundreds of miles for nothing.

We could, we know, artificially beef up our wine prices to subsdise and reduce shipping costs, but this penalises larger purchases and incentivises sending single bottles for next-to-nothing, which all gets a bit daft. This is also how many of the largest internet wine warehouses are able to send you Free Shipping Vouchers in the mail each week.

Put another way, we can offer super-competitive wine prices - often the very best in Europe (do take a look at www.winesearcher.com) - but we can't also send every bottle for nothing.

But we do want to make that shipping as affordable as we reasonably can.

Over the last year or two, we're delighted to have developed a large number of European customers, which we see as a response to

  • the ever-growing demand for better New World wines (and those from outside the market nation), which can be hard to source in many European countries; and
  • our outstanding prices and extensive range.

So we're delighted to offer that for non-UK customers, assuming we can ship to you, if you place an order greater in value than £250 (inc VAT), we will reduce your standard shipping charge by £10 (inc VAT).

What does this mean? Let's say you order a 15-bottle case (our largest case) and clear that £250 threshold (= around £16.50 a bottle). For the nations to which we most frequently send, this means that the rate for that case falls to:

  • Netherlands - £5.00
  • Denmark - £6.00
  • Germany - £6.00
  • Luxembourg - £6.00
  • France - £8.00
  • Republic of Ireland - £10.00
  • Italy - £15.00
  • Switzerland - £21.00
  • Spain - £23.00

<we realise there is some rather illogical variation between these rates for similar shipping distances, but these lie with our carrier, Parcelforce, the parcel wing of the UK's Royal Mail.>

Our website will now both estimate your (now lower) shipping charge as you fill your basket/cart and seek payment at checkout.

For full details of rates to all markets to which we ship, and for more on our shipping policy, please see our Shipping and Returns page here.