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Amaro Averna Sicilian Bitters (1x70cl)

Amaro, which is Italian for "bitter", is an Italian herbal liqueur variety that is commonly taken as an after-dinner digestif. It has a bitter-sweet flavour and an alcohol content typically anywhere between 15% and 35%. 
Amaro is typically produced by macerating herbs, roots, flowers, bark, and/or citrus peels in alcohol, either neutral spirits or wine, mixing the filtrate with sugar syrup, and allowing the mixture to age in casks or bottles. It is typically drunk neat and usually with a citrus wedge. It may also be drunk on ice or with soda or tonic water. 

Averna Amaro is a Sicilian masterpiece. A digestif liqueur which has been imbibed for over 200 years, Averna has a full body and smooth taste, with notes of liquorice and citrus combined with chocolate and vanilla.  Averna Amaro is produced using an ancient recipe which has been passed down from one generation to another since 1868.

Each of the most delicate phases of the production of the bitter, all of which take place in the herbalist’s laboratory, are stringently checked in order to guarantee the authenticity of the ingredients and the high quality of the product. This is why Averna is one of the most famous bitters worldwide. 

ABV = 29.0%. 


Arbikie Potato Vodka - Scotland (1x 70cl)

Arbikie Highland Estate is a family-owned working farm perched on the east coast of Angus. Here, the crop is king. They painstakingly plant, sow, tend and harvest the fields and farms that make up Arbikie. They are craftsmen of the soil. This is an estate profoundly shaped by its environment: the red sandstone-tinted soil, the powerful sea and the turbulent weather give Arbike a character found nowhere else. And here, situated where land meets sea, sits our distillery – created from an ancient barn, this place has all the ingredients required to produce spirits of the highest quality. The Stirling family has been farming at Arbikie for four generations. From father to son, they have gained an intuitive understanding of the land, sowing and harvesting the crops that now create Arbikie’s spirits.

Think of all the tradition and passion involved in the making of single malt whisky – now think of that same energy going into the making of vodka. All would be futile without adding the finest ingredients. The potatoes are grown in their own fields (Maris Piper, King Edward and Cultra varieties) and picked at a time that ensures their creamy character stays alive all the way to the bottle.

They also apply that same care and craft to the distilling – using a copper still and water filtered through the Angus hills. The result is a truly exceptional vodka with an ultra-smooth and velvety taste. It is an experience to sip and savour.


Asbach 3 year old (1x 70cl)

“I would like to create a wine distillate, made from the best grapes, that recognises German taste as well.” Hugo Asbach, Founder of House of Asbach. 

Born in Cologne, Germany, in 1868, Hugo Asbach went to France, which where he learned the art of distilling wine. He returned to Germany in 1892 and founded his own company in Rüdesheim on the banks of the romantic Rhine River, beginning with two stills. This laid the cornerstone for the unique history of the House of Asbach. After his death, his sons continued his work. In keeping with the quality standards established by Hugo Asbach, only the very highest quality of wine distillates is still used today.

Asbach Original aged 3 years is a fine and noble distillate. Through traditional distillation, careful storage for at least 3 years in oak casks and the secret Asbach maturing and refining process, Asbach Original aged 3 years acquires its unique and distinctive taste.

The colour of this 3 year old is dark topaz. The aromas are an elegant fusion of vinous and spicy notes, harmonious notes of wood, hint of cocoa. The flavours are full- bodied and vinous, sweetness of ripe grapes combining with spicy notes of the noble oak- wood, harmonious and enjoyably warming. The finish has slightly smoky notes of wood, nice cocoa notes, stimulating tannins.


Bembom Cachaca (1x70cl)

A Brazilian speciality; Be Bom Cacahça is made from sugar cane. Matured in oak casks for 1 year, Be Bom then bottle it in a stylish bottle, emblazoned with an LP. Put on some music, and kick back with Bem Bom Cacahça. Enjoy with cola or alternatively mix with Cassis and fresh lime. 

ABV = 38.0%.


Benedictine DOM Liqueur (1x70cl)

Bénédictine D.O.M. is an herbal liqueur produced in France. Its recipe comes from a 16th-century monk and includes a secret blend of 27 herbs and spices in a neutral spirit that's sweetened with honey. D.O.M. stands for "Deo Optimo Maximo" meaning, "To God most good, most great". It may be an old liqueur but it has a well-deserved place in the modern bar. Bénédictine is a favorite distilled spirit worldwide and adds a refined spiced sweetness to some of the best cocktails ever created.

It has rich, coppery look with golden highlights. Herbal and spicy fragrance. Citrus hints of tangerine zest with subtle notes of pine. A silky and rich palate with light honey and citrus notes with soft almonds. 

ABV = 40.0%. 


Berry Bros & Rudd The King's Ginger Liqueur (1x50cl)

The King's Ginger was specifically formulated by Berry Bros. & Rudd in 1903 for King Edward VII.

King Edward VII literally lived life in the fast lane. He would endlessly drive his horseless carriage (a Daimler), whatever the weather. So much so, that in 1903 the Royal Physician became concerned about the monarch’s health. So, he called on Berry Bros. and Rudd for a solution, a high strength liqueur that would warm and revivify His Majesty. Crafted from fresh ginger, (for centuries celebrated for its medicinal properties) and enlivened by the judicious addition of citrus oil, The King’s Ginger was born. Rich, golden and delightfully crisp in flavour, it helped King Edward stay colourful and ready for whatever came next.

While wonderfully uplifting and enjoyable on its own, The King’s Ginger comes to life in social situations (just as King Edward did). It is the perfect foundation for any occasion.

ABV = 41.0%.


Boe Peach and Hibiscus Gin Liqueur - Scotland (1x50cl)

Boë gins have always stood out from the crowd. Each variant, delivers a distinctive and unmistakably vibrant taste. Amazing to look at and delicious to sip, these gorgeous gins leave a lasting impression.

Lovingly created in small batches with Boe Superior Gin. The tanginess and berry-rich flavour of Hibiscus combines perfectly with fresh peaches, to give a delightful fruity and flowery aroma and taste. Enjoy with Champagne or Prosecco, in cocktails, with soda or lemonade or simply over ice.


Boe Spiced Orange Gin Liqueur (1x50cl)

This release from the Boe team takes their exquisite Gin and infuses with Orange and Spices to create a Juicy Orange profile with a notable Cinnamon Spice to accompany it! The perfect balance of the bitter sweet taste of oranges blended with festive spices.

Handmade in small batches with award winning Boë Scottish Gin, wonderful with tonic, soda or lemonade. Excellent in cocktails, Champagne or simply over ice.

ABV = 20.0%. 


Boe Superior Violet Gin - Scotland (1 x 70cl)

Boë gins have always stood out from the crowd. Each variant, delivers a distinctive and unmistakably vibrant taste. Amazing to look at and delicious to sip, these gorgeous gins leave a lasting impression. 

The award winning Boe Superior Gin is infused with violets to create Boe Violet Gin. The addition of violets creates a stylish gin with a light, delicate taste and beautiful colour and aroma. Enjoy with tonic, in a cocktail or with the mixer and accompaniment of your choice.


Brooklyn Gin (1x70cl)

Hand-crafted in New York, one small batch at a time using traditional artisan spirit making methods, without compromises. Made with 100% fresh citrus peels and hand-cracked juniper. The time and effort that goes into crafting Brooklyn Gin results in a superbly smooth gin that is fresh, complex and flavorful, with a long, clean and sublime finish.

Crisp citrus backed by a big, fragrant lavender note on the nose. The fresh citrus flavours rush the front of the taste bringing levity and bright acidity, with the soft lavender and deep juniper emerging thereafter and underpinning the journey. The smooth floral notes linger long on the gin's silky finish.

ABV = 40.0%. 


Castarede Bas Armagnac VSOP (1x70cl)

In 1932, Raymond Castarède took over the family company. His wife, then his son, Jean Castarède, have continued to celebrate this french brandy. Today, it is Jean Castarède’s daughter, Florence Castarède who runs the company. She loves to travel the world and share her family's extraordinary heritage. She is the 6th generation of the Castarède family to run this business.

By law VSOP Armagnac must have spent at least 4 years in oak. However the Castarède VSOP has spent at least 8 years ageing in oak casks. This Armagnac is 100% Folle Blanche from the Castarède estate vineyard, located in Bas-Armagnac. This grape variety produces fine and often floral eau-de-vie with great elegance.

It has a warm amber colour and you can see the legs clinging to the glass that are indicative of its long barrel ageing.  There is a fruity and pleasant nose, with aromas of light pepper, coconut and walnuts as well as a honey and glazed plum finish. The palate is subtle and balanced. The flavours confirm the characteristics brought forward by the aromas.

ABV = 40.0%.


Chateau Du Breuil Calvados 8 Years Old (1x70cl)

This 8 year old Calvados "Finishing in Coteaux du Coteaux du Layon" spent several months in small French oak barrels containing Coteaux du Layon wine from our namesake Château du Breuil.
This mode of farming will reveal greedy and fruity notes to this Calvados which will seduce the greatest number.
With this Calvados "Finishing in Coteaux du Coteaux du Layon", our Cellar Master has succeeded in developing an original and elegant Calvados, both traditional and innovative.

The nose is powerful and complex. It offers notes of oak and cedarwood, fruity notes such as baked apple, vanilla and dried apricot. Finally, there are also spicy notes such as liquorice and cinnamon.

On the palate this Calvados is very supple in attack and of a good length. The more structured finish blooms with woody notes, licorice and dried apricot. It perfectly reflects the aromatic nuances of Calvados Pays d'Auge and the sweet wines of Coteaux du Layon.

ABV = 40.0%. 


Colonsay High Croft Gin (1x70cl)

Wild Island Botanic Gin is a celebration of the beauty and unique character of our island home, the Isle of Colonsay. They set out to create a truly exceptional spirit crafted around the native botanicals that grow on the crofts in the Southern Hebrides off Scotland’s West coast.

Crafted in a century old copper still at Langley Distillery, using 100% British Wheat infused with six native hand foraged botanicals growing wild on the island and a further ten as the base. Colonsay High Croft Gin is bottled at 43.7% ABV using pure Scottish water.

Colonsay High Croft Gin, previously known as ‘Sacred Tree’ Gin uses an array of carefully selected Autumn fruits, including brambles hand gathered on the island, added to a composition totalling 22 individual botanicals to create an incredibly complex, ripe fruit, spicy-sweet contemporary London Dry style gin. The ancient Scots observed a ‘sacred tree’ calendar of which the bramble vine was one representing the month of September. It was during the month of September that the fruits were gathered and it is the bramble to which the distillers are giving prominence due to its predominant character.

The perfect way to serve Colonsay High Croft gin is:

1 part Colonsay High Croft Gin
2 parts good quality tonic water (try Elderflower tonic for a twist on the original)
1 slice of ripe red apple
A scattering of black berries
Fresh cubed ice.

Fill a highball glass with ice and pour in the gin. Top up with the tonic water, drop in the slice of apple and garnish with the berries. Gently stir and serve.


Colonsay Wild Island Botanic Gin (1x70cl)

Wild Island Botanic Gin is a celebration of the beauty and unique character of our island home, the Isle of Colonsay. They set out to create a truly exceptional spirit crafted around the native botanicals that grow on the crofts in the Southern Hebrides off Scotland’s West coast.

Crafted in a century old copper still at Langley Distillery, using 100% British Wheat infused with six native hand foraged botanicals growing wild on the island and a further ten as the base. Wild Island Botanic Gin is bottled in Scotland at 43.7% abv using pure Scottish water.

The six native plants which they hand gather on Colonsay in Spring and Summer are: lemon balm, wild water mint, meadowsweet, sea buckthorn, heather flowers and bog myrtle. These provide the heart and soul of Wild Island Botanic Gin. The British wheat that they use, along with a base of ten other botanicals, led by juniper berries along with coriander seeds, sweet Mediterranean lemon peel, orange peel, liquorice, cinnamon bark, angelica root, orris root, cassia bark and nutmeg, provide body and depth to the gin.

This is a truly unique premium gin of the very highest quality.

A cocktail to try with Wild Island Gin is a 'Southside'. Created in Prohibition-era US and named after the notorious 'Southside' district of Chicago, this cocktail is uncomplicated and delicious and was reputed to be a favourite of Al Capone.

50ml Wild Island Botanic Gin

25ml lime juice

20ml sugar syrup

8 mint leaves

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with plenty of ice, shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Double strain into a chilled Champagne flute and garnish with a sprig of mint.


Colonsay Wild Island Gin Domes Twin Pack (2x10cl)

This Wild Island Gin Gift Pack consists of two 10cl bottlings; High Croft and Original Expression.

High Croft is infused with Hebridean Hedgerow Botanicals including bramble, rosehip, rowan berry, redcurrant, crab apple and elderberries. ABV = 43.4%. 

Original Expression is infused with hand-gathered botanicals including lemon balm, wild water mint, meadowsweet, heather flowers, bog myrtle and sea buckthorn. ABV = 43.7%. 

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