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Strathisla 12 Year Old (1x 70cl)

Originally established in 1786, just a stone’s throw from the ruins of Milton Castle. Milton Distillery, as it was originally known, was a small concern and took all its water from the nearby Broomhill Spring. It is interesting to note that although the Distillery was known as Milton, the malt whisky was always sold as “Strathisla”. Strathisla is reputedly the oldest working distillery in the Scottish Highlands. Located in the Speyside region of Scotland, Strathisla Single Malt is at the heart of each and every Chivas Regal blend. A tremendously picturesque distillery, Strathisla proves that beauty really isn't skin deep. Beneath the iconic twin pagodas, the copper stills have a distinctive shape that determines the unique character of every drop of Strathisla whisky. A signature richness, fruity and full-bodied. Such are the stills importance in maintaining the absolute continuity of flavour, should any replacements be needed in the future, the exact replicas would need to be just that exact, dents, creases and all. It is this micro attention to detail that ensures Strathisla Single Malt is preserved for generations to come. Maintaining this unwavering attention to exquisite quality over time hasn't always been plain sailing. Strathisla has witnessed its fair share of drama over the years, with a fire in 1876 and an explosion in the malt mill in 1879.

During the Second World War, the Distillery fell into hands of a group of London black marketeers who proceeded to sell off the stock the stock of whisky at a huge profit and allowed the Distillery to fall into disrepair. After an investigation by the Inland Revenue, the Company was found to owe a large sum in unpaid excise duty and was placed in the hands of the receivers. Chivas Brothers rescued the Distillery in 1950 by purchasing it and set about restoring it to its former glory. At this time the name of the Distillery was changed from Milton to “Strathisla”.

The nose has malt and hay notes, with richness and fruitiness as well as a dry oakiness. The flavours are fruity, nutty and malty. This is a traditional Speyside style with rich Christmas cake sweetness and spice augmented by a whiff of smoke.

Bottle Size: 70cl
Country: Scotland
Region: Speyside
Product Code: NWWH0128