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Stroh Inlander Rum 80% abv - Austria (1x 50cl)

Around 185 years ago the Stroh Spirits Manufactory was founded in Carinthia. It has become a piece of Austrian culinary culture and lifestyle. This local rum is an indispensable ingredient not only for food recipes but also for cocktails. Some of the most creative patissiers, kitchen chefs and bartenders in Austria have created recipes with Stroh Inländer Rum.

According to the EU regulation 110/2008, it is legally required that 100% of the rum must be made from sugar cane molasses in Austria, making it a protected Austrian specialty. Stroh Inländer Rum is distinguished by its fine fragrance and delicate rum note as well as its harmonious, flowery taste. This rum which has an alcohol content of 80% is driven by an incredible cult worldwide. Not only because of its taste and its primal power, but also because of a small crossed-out aircraft symbol on the bottle label. The transport of Stroh Inländer 80 is not compatible with the current security rules of air traffic so this cannot be taken on board an aircraft. Thanks to its unmistakable flavour, Stroh Inländer Rum owes its reputation not only to its unmistakable aroma, but also to the historic form of its bottle. The typically curved Flachmann style bottle originates from the American prohibition period, at a time when it was important to be able to hide the bottle easily on the body and transport it without being spotted.

At the heart of this spirit are Austrian pastry kitchens, coffee houses and confectioners. It would be unthinkable to many to produce sweet Austrian classics such as Applestrudel, Kaiserschmarren or biscuits without using Stroh Inländer rum. This makes it unique in culinary terms as nowhere else in the world is such a high percentage spirit (which to them is a staple store cupboard essential) on the shopping list for so many households and kitchen professionals! There are several recipes on Stroh's own website that you might like to try - click the following link for details. http://www.stroh.at/en/recipes.html 

We would suggest trying Stroh Hot Chocolate which comprises of a measure of Stroh, added to a delicious cup of hot chocolate. The combination is amazing – offering a warm, slightly spiced hot chocolate with the distinctive flavour and aroma of Stroh. Our only advice is please use it sparingly.

Bottle Size: 50cl
Country: Austria
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Product Code: NWRM0007FNVS