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Umani Ronchi Pelago 2013 (1x 75cl)

Pelago is the result of the insight of Umani Ronchi's technical group, who had the idea of mating Montepulciano with Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a wine which retains the style and personality of the indigenous grapes while broadening its aromatic profile and complexity by adding qualities of the Bordeaux style of wine. To maintain a high standard of quality, they chose to produce it only in those years which provided grapes suitable for a fine wine. The name Pelago, deriving from pelagos, meaning ‘sea’ in ancient Greek, suggests its marine character and the special qualities of taste and aroma which are typical of wines produced near the coast. The vineyard from which Pelago originates is situated on Umani Ronchi's estate in the municipality of Osimo, at about 150 meters above sea level, on a south‐east‐ facing hillside. 

The grapes are picked by hand, and collected and transported in boxes. Harvesting starts at the beginning of September with the Merlot, continues at the end of the month with the Cabernet Sauvignon, and finishes with the Montepulciano, a fairly late variety, in the second ten days in October. The grapes are destalked and lightly crushed, then fermented at 27‐29°C in steel fermentation tanks, with the cap submerged, for 14‐15 days on natural yeasts. Once the malolactic fermentation has taken place, the wine is trans‐ ferred to 225 litre oak barrels for ageing, for a period of 14 months. After bottling, Pelago is left to age further, in a temperature‐controlled environment, for about 12 months.

This wine has an impenetrable ruby red colour with purple tints. On the nose there are spicy fragrances of coffee, black pepper, liquorice and tobacco. The palate is fruits of the forest, vanilla and mineral aromas, and strong but developed tannins. 

A perfect match for red meat, game‐birds and mature cheese.

Bottle Size: 75cl
Country: Italy
Region: Marche
Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Montepulciano, Merlot
Vegan: Yes
Delivery: Usually ships in 5-10 working days
Product Code: ITMA0020B13S